Unveiling Dageco Expozitiei Estate: A Fusion of Business and Fun at the Drinks before Home Event

June 9, 2023by fortadmin

As a renowned real estate consulting firm, we understand the importance of creating a vibrant and engaging environment for professionals in the industry. With Dageco Expozitiei Estate, we aim to redefine the concept of low-cost projects, offering an exceptional opportunity in a prime location. Together with CIJ Europe, we orchestrated a memorable event that aimed to introduce Dageco Expozitiei Estate to the real estate community. The event was designed to combine a business-oriented environment with a touch of excitement, fostering networking opportunities while creating a true festival atmosphere.

In the realm of real estate professionals, it is essential for projects to make a lasting impact and become widely recognized. Discover Dageco Expozitiei Estate, a remarkable development that encompasses four mixed-use buildings, a generous parking lot, and ground-floor commercial spaces, spanning an impressive total area of 25,000 square meters.

We express our heartfelt gratitude to over 120 professionals from the real estate and banking industries who embraced our invitation and graced the event with their presence. It was an extraordinary opportunity for attendees to network, establish connections, and enjoy a memorable evening together with us at Dageco Expozitiei Estate.

The “Drinks before Home” event created an electrifying ambiance that left a lasting impression on all who attended. Laughter filled the air as professionals engaged in meaningful conversations, forging new relationships.

One of the highlights of the evening was the thrilling spin-the-wheel game, where participants had the chance to win exciting prizes.

The culinary experience was unparalleled, with an extensive array of delectable food and drinks to savor.

As guests explored the enchanting surroundings, they were treated to the spectacle of racing cars and motorcycles, courtesy of our partners, creating an atmosphere of excitement and admiration.

Citroen & Suzuki showcased their latest models, adding an element of sophistication to the event.

The festivities continued with the prosecco bar, long drinks, soft beverages, and the mesmerizing lights illuminating the trees.

As a token of our appreciation, every guest received a special gift, ensuring they departed with cherished memories of the evening.

The event served as an ideal platform for Fortim Trusted Advisors to showcase the exceptional strengths and advantages of Dageco Expozitiei Estate. Strategically located, the estate offers unparalleled accessibility, making commuting a breeze for professionals and employees. With tram and metro stations in close proximity, the project ensures seamless connectivity within the city.

Flexibility and Customization:

Dageco Expozitiei Estate distinguishes itself by offering unparalleled flexibility in design and customization. The project features a variety of spaces, ranging from bright and modern high-class offices to retail outlets, restaurants, sports halls, medical clinics, private schools, and even spacious storage areas.

Fortim Trusted Advisors, as the mandated representative of the owner, ensures the best market conditions and attractive commissions for potential collaborations.

A Memorable Speech:

During the event, Fortim Trusted Advisors’ Nicolae Ciobanu, Managing Partner – Head of Advisory, delivered an inspiring speech that resonated with the attendees. He challenged the common perception that low prices are synonymous with compromises.

Nicolae Ciobanu highlighted how Dageco Expozitiei Estate breaks this stereotype by offering affordable prices without compromising on quality or location. His words left a lasting impact, instilling confidence in the attendees about the exceptional investment opportunities presented by the project.

We left no stone unturned in organizing an extraordinary “Drinks before Home” event at Dageco Expozitiei Estate. The event seamlessly blended business networking with a festive atmosphere, showcasing the project’s unique strengths and opportunities.

As a trusted partner in the real estate market, Fortim Trusted Advisors continues to connect clients with remarkable investments, and Dageco Expozitiei Estate stands as a shining example of our commitment to excellence.