Opportunity for office spaces in North Bucharest University pole: Dageco Expoziției Estate

June 7, 2023by fortadmin
On sunny days, SNSPA students prefer to relax and energize in a chic cafe, just 150 meters away from the university. The cafe is located on the ground floor of one of the four office buildings of the Dageco Exhibition Estate office park, where nature complements the lucrative landscape and invites disconnection.

Until recently, two of the four office buildings housed the headquarters of a leading IT&C firm and the premises are configured for a high-performance firm and fully equipped. This favors the immediate relocation of a company in the same business segment.

In fields such as: call-center, IT&C companies, BPO attracting new employees is a challenge and a priority. The sooner future employees are found, from the benches of educational institutions, the better. This favors their early formation and their long-term retention.

The Exhibition Zone is an important university hub in Bucharest North

On Parcului street, in front of the Dageco Exhibition Estate office project, is the National School of Political and Administrative Studies (SNSPA), where more than 4,000 students study. Within this university, there are 11 bachelor’s and 58 master’s programs, in Romanian or English, specializations include Communication and Public Relations, Management, Brand Management and Corporate Communication, Advertising, Digital Communications.

Opportunity for office spaces in the university pole in the North of Bucharest: Dageco Expozitiei Estate

550 meters away, on Exhibition Street, is the Romanian-American University, another institution of higher education, taught in English, which offers specializations such as International Business, Computer Science for Economics, Finance and Banking and Law.

On Parcului street, 330 meters from Dageco Expozizionei Estate, is the European School, a private educational institution with tradition, the third closest landmark in the area.

Also, 700 meters away, towards Herăstrău Park, is the University of Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine, with the related dormitories.

Office spaces that streamline employee schedules

Companies that are looking for young employees, whom they can train even from university, will take advantage of the opportunity of the Dageco Exhibition Estate. The possibility of having the job near the university is a happy option, which helps young people to save time spent in traffic, in favor of moments of relaxation.
Also ideal for employees in the area, Dageco buildings benefit from an extended kindergarten with over 100 places and a courtyard for themed outdoor games.
Just a few minutes from Herăstrău Park, the buildings open an invitation for sports and recreational activities after office hours.

Advantages of available office space for companies

Dageco Expozitiei Estate – Offices for Rent in Bucharest (dagecoestate.ro) has a total area of 30,000 sqm, with four mixed-use buildings and a generous parking lot, with 500 spaces, outside and underground. The main building accommodates Class A offices with a total area of 13,343 sqm and commercial premises on the ground floor.
Spaces with surfaces from 100 sqm to over 20,000 sqm with various functions are available for rent. Most are bright, high-end offices with all the amenities, but we also have spaces that lend themselves to retail, restaurants, gyms, medical clinics, private schools and even a generous area for storage.

The development of campus and residential areas generates new real estate functions

In the vicinity of educational institutions, young people are looking for cafes, gyms, places to spend their free time, retail areas, and companies interested in opening workplaces will see the public in the area as an advantage.
In addition to the youth, the area is also more populated due to the new premium residential complexes developed in the area, which means purchasing power and interest in various amenities, which can preferably be done close to home.
More details about Dageco Exhibition Estate can be found here.