Looking for office buildings with good accessibility that have sensory exhibitions? Here’s where to find them.

October 23, 2023by Carmen Albu

Two new sensory exhibitions have opened in Bucharest, providing unique experiences for people of all ages, with a special focus on young individuals – MINA and Reptiland. These spaces are designed for experimental leisure activities, making them an ideal fit for the current period, where a mix of tenants can add value to the local community.

Here are the latest updates and additions.

The Museum of Immersive New Art (MINA) is a state-of-the-art new media center located in Pipera. The center is housed in a renovated building that was formerly a computer factory. MINA spans a total area of 2,500 square meters and features AI-generated experiments based on the works of renowned artists such as Gustav Klimt.

One of the centerpieces of MINA is the immersive spectacle, which is a multimedia production based on 60 paintings by Klimt. Each painting is animated and transformed into a 7-meter-tall interactive work of art that visitors can engage with.

Another show at MINA is the Underwater World, which offers an educational experience for visitors. For children, there is also the Explorarium Kids, a digital journey with 15 interactive installations.

Periodically, new shows are featured at MINA, so it’s important to keep track of their schedule, just like with famous theatres and art museums.

Have we piqued your curiosity?

Reptiland is a natural history museum with live reptiles in terrariums and giant aquariums, catering to the curiosity of visitors of all ages. It is located in an office building in Bucharest.

Where else can we find such large spaces within the city?

We highly recommend Dageco Estate Expozitiei for your next event or activity. The complex offers a spacious and well-lit space, which is perfect for various types of events. Located in the Expozitiei area, Dageco is very close to Herastrau Park, and easily accessible by metro.

Huge and luminous spaces

Dageco comprises four different buildings, and one of them could potentially house a car circuit area. The estate is situated near three higher education institutions, which makes it an excellent location to attract visitors and potential partners.

We are excited to welcome you to Dageco Estate Expozitiei and look forward to your visit.

Carmen Albu