Advantages of the Dageco area and building of the Estate Exhibition, for medical or beauty clinics

July 31, 2023by Maria Neda

Why would you choose a space in the buildings of Dageco Estate Exhibition? Nearby is a customer base with average and above average incomes. EXPOZITIEI is a mixed office and residential pole, in full development.

Operating medical, maintenance, slim-concept, cosmetics and beauty services in a premium residential area with families recently moved into new apartments, you can tap into this financially capable customer base and attract customers who are willing to pay for exceptional service.

Great business potential

In the Exhibition area:
• over 10,000 employees work
• over 1,500 families, with above-average incomes, live in close proximity (on the same street) and over 5,000 families within 10 minutes distance
• Rents for rental spaces are still low compared to the rest of the surrounding areas. An example is the Dageco Estate Exhibition building, where rent starts from 7.9 euro/sqm/month!

The area has developed strongly in the last 10 years, with thousands of new apartments and tens of thousands of square meters of office space being built here. As a result, there are few medical and beauty practices here and a large base of potential customers.

Greater business potential

Due to the higher purchasing power of residents in premium areas, stronger ford, medical and beauty, maintenance, slim-concept, cosmetics and beauty businesses have the potential to generate higher revenues. The willingness of residents to invest in their health and appearance can lead to higher average receipts and increased profitability of operations.

Long-term stability

On the other hand, by investing in medical and beauty clinics located in areas where residents’ incomes are higher, you position your businesses for long-term stability and growth. Steady demand from thriving residents provides a solid foundation for your operations and reduces the risk of significant market fluctuations.

Reputation and prestige

Establishing your medical and beauty business in a thriving residential area pairs you with a premium neighbourhood, which adds a sense of exclusivity and quality to the brand of your practices, attracting clients who appreciate premium services. This can lead to positive recommendations, further expanding your clientele and strengthening your position as a leading service provider.

Comfort and accessibility

The closer a cosmetics, maintenance and beauty cabinet is, the more often it will be frequented. The premium residential areas Expozitiei, Casin, Kiseleff and Domenii need facilities and services within easy reach of home.
Residents appreciate having essential services close to their homes, reducing travel time and increasing comfort.

In the proximity:

• LUXURIA, new residential complex, with 630 new, premium apartments, 3 minutes walking distance
• PARCULUI 20, new complex with 485 new apartments, 12 minutes walk and 5 minutes by car
• Over 4,000 apartments are under development, in Petrom City area – Casa Presei Libere, 7-8 minutes away by car
• Exhibition business pole, with over 10,000 employees. Among the companies headquartered in the area are ING, Millennium Bank, Global Eye, Autoitalia, Regus, PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Rompetrol, ZIM, Alpha Bank, Keyence, E.On, Bank of China, Theta, Hervis, Spaces and Smartree Romania.

About Dageco Expozitiei Estate

At Dageco Expozitiei Estate, you can find the most flexible rental conditions, at the most competitive rent in a premium area of the capital, from 7.9 euros / sqm / month, this summer. The spaces are turnkey, ready for an immediate pickup.
Offices and commercial spaces are varied, of various sizes, from 100 sqm to over 20,000 sqm, which are suitable for medical clinics, beauty clinics and other types of activities.

More commercial details can be found here: Dageco Expozitiei Estate – Offices for Rent in Bucharest (

Maria Neda